Monthly Archives: October 2015

Fall Wrap-Up

I can’t believe that winter is upon us! Well I guess officially the fall doesn’t end until December 21st, but let’s be honest, Halloween really marks the end of the season. So, in light of this, I wanted to share some super gorgeous photos of my fave sister-in-law, Sam! We had an impromptu photo shoot over Thanksgiving–because that’s what happens with a spare hour and photo equipment. And since most of you are in a sugar coma (I hope), I’ll keep this […]

Julia and Sam’s Wedding

Let’s get back to business now that the summer rush is starting to slow down! I have a beautiful wedding story to share with you today, a tale of two doctors! Julia and Sam are university sweethearts who have since earned their doctorates (one medical and one philosophical) and share a love of travel. The details used throughout the day showcased their personalities and provided an excellent venue for their friends and family from near and far to mingle. Check out […]

Allison and Steven’s Wedding

Today I bring you some beautiful pictures from Allison and Steven’s August wedding in Orillia, Ontario. These two had spent the year prior in what I’ll call ‘the middle of nowhere’ teaching in a remote community–and still were able to plan and pull off a beautiful wedding! Of course, immediately following their honeymoon they were headed right back out to another ‘middle of nowhere’ to continue their amazing work. Let’s all appreciate those special teacher’s we’ve had in our lives […]