Monthly Archives: January 2016

Sondra and Mike’s Wedding

I’ll take a little break from the 2015 recap to feature Sondra and Mike’s Thanksgiving wedding–which is much over due. I’ve known Sondra for many years now, as one of the ‘barn girls’ and close friend of my sister. And what’s even more fun is that her mom, Darlene, and I started getting into photography more seriously around the same time, so we’re always exchanging camera stories! This also means that Sondra (and Mike) is use to having a shutterbug […]

Best of 2015: Portraits

Hello hello! This week I’m showcasing some of my favourite portraits from 2015! I love looking back on the year and seeing all the smiley faces that I got to work with! There’s no real theme to the pictures, and they range from maternity, to engagements, to families, to cake smashes, and more. So sit back, relax, and enjoy some pics. This is a picture of Baby Abby being weighed by her parentsWho can resist those baby blues? All giggles […]

Best of 2015: Newlyweds

Happy 2016!! (That might be the first time I’ve officially acknowledged that it’s now 2016). For my first post of the year, I usually select my favourite 50 images or so from the previous year. However, I’m terrible at making decisions, so this year, I’m going to post a series of blogs featuring my favourite pictures from different categories! Yay! More pictures for you, fewer difficult decisions for me. I was initially going to feature my favourite wedding pictures first, but […]