Jess Cockburn Photography is celebrating 5 years of business! I started out in Ontario (where I frequently go back to visit), but I’m now located in Calgary. It’s such an awesome place to be, with so many great parks, urban backdrops, and of course proximity to the mountains. This all started in 2012 and I’m so happy that it’s still going strong, here’s some more about why I love doing what I do!

PWebP1-93Some more about who you’ll be working with…

Jess (me!): If you’re looking for a super fun person to hang out with and capture some great photographs, look no further! Photography, to me, is all about capturing beautiful memories. I definitely feel the best way to get those photos is through genuine smiles and laughs and I’ll do anything to make that happen! The strength of story telling through photography is the ability to capture a candid moment, creating beautiful portraiture, and remembering all the details that go into each session.  Above all, I love to make people smile, both while the picture is taken, and when reliving the moments that were captured.

How I got here…I started my photography adventure at a young age, using mom’s Nikon SLR. During high school, I loved spending hours in the photo lab developing film and spending time in the dark room–the original photoshop. Throughout university, I was always behind the camera and was fortunate to study biology, a field full of avid photographers, so that I could keep up my interest in photography. I’m now a cancer researcher by day, which always reminds me of how precious life is and how important it is to appreciate those around us. This is truly the motivation and passion that I bring to photography, the best way to remember our important life events and those that were there along our journey.


Bob (my hubby!): Bob has been helping out with many shoots as both an assistant and a second shooter. As a second shooter, he is able to work with me to capture every angle of an event and has produced some great images. Bob’s also excellent at keeping everything running smoothly by quickly managing lens and lighting changes and even backing up images on site! He has learned quickly  my secret language, a typical conversation can go:


Jess: Can you get the thing out of the bag?
Bob: What thing out of what bag?
Jess: You know, the thing!
Bob: Yes, dear.


p.s. it’s pronounced “Co-Burn” 😉