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Erin and Brandon’s Engagement Session

♥ Happy belated Valentine’s Day and Family Day! ♥ When I was thinking about what to post this week, it became pretty obvious after I realized what holidays co-occurred last weekend!

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Sondra and Mike’s Wedding

I’ll take a little break from the 2015 recap to feature Sondra and Mike’s Thanksgiving wedding–which is much over due. I’ve known Sondra for many years now, as one of

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Best of 2015: Portraits

Hello hello! This week I’m showcasing some of my favourite portraits from 2015! I love looking back on the year and seeing all the smiley faces that I got to

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Best of 2015: Newlyweds

Happy 2016!! (That might be the first time I’ve officially acknowledged that it’s now 2016). For my first post of the year, I usually select my favourite 50 images or

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William’s Baby Session

Hello! Everyone must be very busy with the holidays coming up! We’re travelling back to Ontario for a week and I know it’ll go by in a blink of an

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Shawna and Tyler’s Wedding

Well first, let me say that I apologize if anyone was trying to access my website over the last few days as there was a technical glitch. It’s all fixed

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Summer Maternity Shoot

Who doesn’t love a good maternity session–especially one followed by a baby photo shoot a couple of months later?!? I met this lovely family at their home just outside of

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Fall Wrap-Up

I can’t believe that winter is upon us! Well I guess officially the fall doesn’t end until December 21st, but let’s be honest, Halloween really marks the end of the season.

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Julia and Sam’s Wedding

Let’s get back to business now that the summer rush is starting to slow down! I have a beautiful wedding story to share with you today, a tale of two

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Allison and Steven’s Wedding

Today I bring you some beautiful pictures from Allison and Steven’s August wedding in Orillia, Ontario. These two had spent the year prior in what I’ll call ‘the middle of

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