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Erin and Brandon’s Engagement Session

♥ Happy belated Valentine’s Day and Family Day! ♥ When I was thinking about what to post this week, it became pretty obvious after I realized what holidays co-occurred last weekend! I have to post this fun engagement session (a nod to Valentine’s Day) with my beautiful cousin (and a nod to Family Day) and her fiance! We met at the Distillery District in downtown Toronto on a very warm Christmas Eve. The Distillery district provides the perfect backdrop for a casual […]

Sondra and Mike’s Wedding

I’ll take a little break from the 2015 recap to feature Sondra and Mike’s Thanksgiving wedding–which is much over due. I’ve known Sondra for many years now, as one of the ‘barn girls’ and close friend of my sister. And what’s even more fun is that her mom, Darlene, and I started getting into photography more seriously around the same time, so we’re always exchanging camera stories! This also means that Sondra (and Mike) is use to having a shutterbug […]

Best of 2015: Portraits

Hello hello! This week I’m showcasing some of my favourite portraits from 2015! I love looking back on the year and seeing all the smiley faces that I got to work with! There’s no real theme to the pictures, and they range from maternity, to engagements, to families, to cake smashes, and more. So sit back, relax, and enjoy some pics. This is a picture of Baby Abby being weighed by her parentsWho can resist those baby blues? All giggles […]

Best of 2015: Newlyweds

Happy 2016!! (That might be the first time I’ve officially acknowledged that it’s now 2016). For my first post of the year, I usually select my favourite 50 images or so from the previous year. However, I’m terrible at making decisions, so this year, I’m going to post a series of blogs featuring my favourite pictures from different categories! Yay! More pictures for you, fewer difficult decisions for me. I was initially going to feature my favourite wedding pictures first, but […]

William’s Baby Session

Hello! Everyone must be very busy with the holidays coming up! We’re travelling back to Ontario for a week and I know it’ll go by in a blink of an eye. Before we head out, I wanted to share some adorable pictures of Baby William. I’ve been so fortunate to work with the family for 2 weddings now, and I’m so happy to have been asked to get a couple of pictures of the next generation. For this session, we met […]

Shawna and Tyler’s Wedding

Well first, let me say that I apologize if anyone was trying to access my website over the last few days as there was a technical glitch. It’s all fixed now! Next, I’ll point out my sweet on-going deal in honour of moving to Calgary and trying to build my clientele! Find more information on the *Specials* Tab! Ok, now on to some fun! I’ve been waiting so long to post this amazing wedding from September! Shawna reached out to […]

Summer Maternity Shoot

Who doesn’t love a good maternity session–especially one followed by a baby photo shoot a couple of months later?!? I met this lovely family at their home just outside of Toronto this past June and am finally sharing some of the gorgeous photos from their first session. We took advantage of their beautiful living room and it’s natural light and then ventured outside to have some fun in the sun. Stay tuned for the baby photos!!  Her son couldn’t wait […]

Fall Wrap-Up

I can’t believe that winter is upon us! Well I guess officially the fall doesn’t end until December 21st, but let’s be honest, Halloween really marks the end of the season. So, in light of this, I wanted to share some super gorgeous photos of my fave sister-in-law, Sam! We had an impromptu photo shoot over Thanksgiving–because that’s what happens with a spare hour and photo equipment. And since most of you are in a sugar coma (I hope), I’ll keep this […]

Julia and Sam’s Wedding

Let’s get back to business now that the summer rush is starting to slow down! I have a beautiful wedding story to share with you today, a tale of two doctors! Julia and Sam are university sweethearts who have since earned their doctorates (one medical and one philosophical) and share a love of travel. The details used throughout the day showcased their personalities and provided an excellent venue for their friends and family from near and far to mingle. Check out […]

Allison and Steven’s Wedding

Today I bring you some beautiful pictures from Allison and Steven’s August wedding in Orillia, Ontario. These two had spent the year prior in what I’ll call ‘the middle of nowhere’ teaching in a remote community–and still were able to plan and pull off a beautiful wedding! Of course, immediately following their honeymoon they were headed right back out to another ‘middle of nowhere’ to continue their amazing work. Let’s all appreciate those special teacher’s we’ve had in our lives […]