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Wedding Planning: The Family Portraits

Hello! While it’s fun posting pictures from various photo sessions and throwing out some tips and tricks of the trade, I feel like it would also be great to share some insight about working with a wedding photographer. There’s lots of information out there from experienced brides and wedding bloggers, but there’s really not a lot from the photographers themselves. Let’s change that by increasing the dialogue between photographers and clients! Wedding Planning I: Family Portraits You know that time after the ceremony […]

Flashback Friday: Emily and Chris’s Wedding

Well hello there! As I’m charging up the batteries for the first wedding of 2015, I thought I’d bring you a flashback to one of my first weddings! The cold snap this week reminded me of the chilly spring day back in April 2013, when Emily and Chris tied the knot! The majority of the day was indoors, so it was only noticeable during the portraits! Anyhow, this remains one of my favourite weddings with its perfect balance of beautiful details, elegance, and […]

An Early Spring Engagement Session

Nicole and Trevor met me at the beautiful Ivy Club in Gananoque, Ontario on a surprisingly snowy day in March. We wanted to scout out some potential backdrops for their wedding portraits and had some fun playing with different options around the venue. I even got to play with my new wide angle lens! This gorgeous couple and spectacular setting was a great combination for an engagement session. Can’t wait to see how the day will turn out at the end of […]

Baby Abby

With spring around the corner and wedding season coming up, things are pretty busy here in photography land! Is everyone else getting busy with spring cleaning and summer plans? Let’s all take a break and enjoy some pretty pictures of Baby Abby’s newborn session. She was such a sweetie pie and we had a wonderful time taking some great pictures! Home made blankies are the best! some snuggles in between set-ups! After snuggles, Abby got very sleepy and slept for the […]

Cake Smash

  Well, y’all know that it was my little Niece Elizabeth’s Birthday last weekend, a whole year old on March 13th! We had a lovely family birthday party for her on Sunday and of course she stole the show during her little cake smash photo shoot. We put up a white blanket over the couch (proving that you don’t need a studio to get great images), and had some fun watching her laugh and play and entertain us! If you’re […]

Happy Birthday Miss Elizabeth!!!!

Today is Elizabeth’s FIRST Birthday!!! One year ago today (it might have been close to 1 am) my phone rang and it was ringing with news of the arrival of my first niece, Beth! She is, of course, the cutest, most smiliest, bestest little girl in the whole world! If you’ve been following my photography at all in the last year, you will have definitely seen some pictures of her beautiful smile! And if you’ve been living in a hole, […]

In like a lion…

Well it’s March. I wish there could be good things to say, other than surely one day it will go above freezing?? This has gotten me in an utter stump for good ideas of what to write. hmmmm…Pictures of lions? no, haven’t been on safari recently. Pictures of snow? ugh. shudder. nope nope nope. I guess this leaves me with a good old fashioned “Flashback Friday!” I’m reminded of a time similar to now, when I went on vacation (with my […]

Maternity Session: Kira and Mike

Well aren’t we on a record breaking cold streak? Blasted through a 134 year old record for coldest day on Feb 23rd…think about it, 1885, that’s like something my great-great-great grandparents would’ve experienced! And to be honest, they were probably warmer, with wood stoves and woolen layers. This is just insult to injury when you think about the fact that there hasn’t been a single moment in February that was above freezing! Let’s switch into some chat about something that […]

Perfect Poses I: Hugs!

I’ve been thinking about some additional things that y’all might find useful. In addition to my hugely successful “Selfie Tips” series, I now introduce “Perfect Poses!” Both of these “series” are based on fun ideas to incorporate whether you are infront of or behind the camera. And by camera, I mean any photo-taking device, cell phones included! 😉 ok. This is a pose that lends itself to sooo many situations and people: The Hug. It’s great for lots of different people, […]

Selfie Tips Part II: Valentine’s Edits with Sam

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope everyone out there has something fun planned for this weekend. Not only is it Valentine’s Day, but here in Canada, it’s Family Day weekend! I’m heading up to Ottawa to skate the Rideau Canal with some friends and I can’t wait! I’ve asked my fave little sister, Sam, to write a feature guest post about a fun tool that everyone can use to make selfies extra lovey dovey for the V-day weekend! You might recognize […]