Cowboy Cake Smash

This adorable cake smash features a Calgary-native, so of course we had to incorporate a bit of a cowboy theme! And with the Calgary Stampede coming up, I figured that these would get you in that yee-haw spirit! I’m still learning ‘the ropes’ (haha get it?) around here, but I think that’s a thing. This little dude is well on his way to being the cutest cowboy that there ever was! CowboyCakeSmash-0735So the hat didn’t last very long, but at least we got this adorable picture! I can’t get over how cute these are!CowboyCakeSmash-0742“Yee-haw!”CowboyCakeSmash-0768This is clearly not his first rodeo (trying to insert more cowboy puns…not very successfully)CowboyCakeSmash-0771omg cuteness overload! look at those big eyes!CowboyCakeSmash-0779A little bit of zoolander before cake smash time…CowboyCakeSmash-0794 CowboyCakeSmash-0852Oh yes, time for some delicious cake!CowboyCakeSmash-0848What is this miraculous tasty sweet stuff?CowboyCakeSmash-0860 CowboyCakeSmash-0876“omnomnom”CowboyCakeSmash-0906Happy 1st Birthday!

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