Today I bring you a fun photo session I did while babysitting a friend’s dog. It’s pretty silly, but maybe showcases a different type of ‘pet-portrait’ you could try at home! Basically, hold your camera with one hand and have a bunch of kibble in the other. When your camera is focused and ready to go, gently toss a kibble towards your furry companion and try to catch them mid chomp! I recommend NOT using rapid fire, but working on your single shot timing instead (think James Bond rather than the villain). And given that the dogs had to catch the kibble, it’s kind of like a sporting event-so totally Olympic related? Let’s first get a look at the competitors for the first every Kibble-ympics:Kibble-3066Maple is an 8 year old Golden Doodle. Favourite activity is playing fetch. Alias: Beautiful Angel GirlKibble-3076Juniper is a 2 year old Golden Doodle. Favourite activity is swimming and chasing birds and bunnies. Alias: GremlinKibble-3096Juno is a 4 (ish?) year old Weimaraner. Favourite activity is going for walks. Alias: “what type of dog is that?”

Ok, now I’ll let y’all decide who you think had the most style and ability to catch the kibbles. I recommend using the old school 6 point figure skating scoring method.

First up: Juno 
Kibble-3171-2Look at that focus! She’s not going to let any kibble get away!Kibble-3179-2Such technique, making sure to get the kibble that was tossed a little too highKibble-3186-2Great form Juno, your mouth is perfectly shaped for that kibble

Ok, now we move on to Maple
Kibble-3112Look at that kibble, perfectly aligned with Maple’s snout
Kibble-3130-2This dog definitely won’t let an opportunity to eat kibble pass her byKibble-3156Great catch Maple!

And finally, we have JuniperKibble-3190Off to a good start, definitely going to catch that kibbleKibble-3119-2Not sure if this one rebounded off her mouth, but it was pretty close!Kibble-3153A clear shot, straight to the tummy!Kibble-3134Juniper, it helps to keep your eyes open if you want to catch it!

And there you have it ladies and gents, the first ever Kibble-ympics! The IOC should definitely consider making this an official sport within the Olympics. I hope everyone enjoys watching the real Olympics in Rio as much as I will!

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