Self Portrait: Maternity Edition

I’m writing today’s post with anticipation that it might be my last for a short while (even though I have lots of pictures waiting to be shared with you!). If you don’t already know, I’m pregnant! 39 weeks pregnant to be exact! Crazy! So many exclamation marks! This means that a little dude should be arriving in the next week or 2! My photography work will only be taking a short hiatus, as I already have some sessions in the works for October–and of course I’m going to be busy capturing every moment with baby. In fact, I may have used the pending arrival of baby to purchase some ‘necessary baby photography related items’ that will be put into the Jess Cockburn Photography toy box. Soooo I also expect that this will be good practice to up my newborn portrait game.

Anywho…you may be asking yourself, “who takes pictures of a photographer?” And I’m sure that answer can vary, but for me the answer was simple: Bob! And you may also be asking “how do you take pictures with the baby daddy if he’s behind the lens?” Well, that also has a simple answer: tri-pod and remote! So one evening in early July, at about 7 months pregnant, we ventured out to a local park to take some fun pictures. This is how they turned out:

JessBobweb-4151-2Ok, so also, I’ve not been impressed with the maternity clothing options. I literally tried on every dress in the store before finding one that fit properly and wasn’t a million dollars. JessBobweb-4171-3hehehe look at me looking all seriousJessBobweb-4210-2This black and white one is by far my favourite from the whole session. Believe it or not, it was the only one we took like it! Oh and see if you can figure out which hand I’m hiding the remote in!JessBobweb-4207-2JessBobweb-4236-2Bob had some fun playing with lens flare–the perfect accompaniment to some western inspired pictures
JessBobweb-4254-2Love this little sundress from Winners! I bought it specifically for Stampede and am so glad it fit me even with a belly. And what goes better with cowboy boots and an official Calgary Stampede cowboy hat than paisley? Nothing.JessBob-4292JessBobweb-4308-2Scroll down to the end to see Bob’s interpretation of these poses–H-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s
JessBobweb-4353-3JessBobweb-4378-3D’awwwww look how cute we are!!JessBobweb-4384-2JessBobweb-4395

JessBobweb-4477JessBobweb--2Wishing for a healthy baby (and maybe a quick and uneventful delivery)JessBobweb-4541Ok so it was a bit weird to be on the other side of the camera, but we had a fun time getting some maternity pictures. Can’t wait to share pictures of the little guy when he arrives! Also checkout the ‘blooper’ pictures below of Bob mimicking the maternity poses!
JessBob-4217 JessBob-4219 JessBob-4262 JessBob-4336 JessBob-4339 JessBob-4370 JessBob-4475

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