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A summer photoshoot with Sophie

This portrait session was a super fun way to spend some time with my friends, Nancy and Greg, and their super lovable doodle–Sophie! And what better excuse to get some updated photos, than to also donate to the R2CC! We met up on a recent trip to Ontario on a hot summer’s evening in July. I was glad to be behind the camera sweating away, but these two make it look like it was a perfect 23 degrees with a slight breeze! So there we go, we got to spend some fun time together and raise some money for Cancer Research. NancyGreg-4774We had a lovely walk about a park in Hagersville, ON and spent some time under some gorgeous willow trees. Sophie was a superstar and enjoyed the limelight!
NancyGreg-4817Just casually hanging out on a blanket, just a regular week nightNancyGreg-4824Family portrait!! Love the willow branches–perfect for any photo session
NancyGreg-4869 NancyGreg-4882-2 NancyGreg-4885NancyGreg-4899-2 NancyGreg-4922Walk time along the rail trail–can you believe Sophie is still just a pup? Only about 7 months here!NancyGreg-4950NancyGreg-4975 NancyGreg-4979 NancyGreg-4982NancyGreg-5012Right next to the rail trail we found an old building (now a pub) with a painted exterior…a surprising backdrop for a couple more photosNancyGreg-5022-2 NancyGreg-5033 NancyGreg-5039-2Thanks for the fun photo session, I had a great time!

Jess Cockburn

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