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Erin and Brandon’s Engagement Session

♥ Happy belated Valentine’s Day and Family Day! ♥ When I was thinking about what to post this week, it became pretty obvious after I realized what holidays co-occurred last weekend! I have to post this fun engagement session (a nod to Valentine’s Day) with my beautiful cousin (and a nod to Family Day) and her fiance! We met at the Distillery District in downtown Toronto on a very warm Christmas Eve. The Distillery district provides the perfect backdrop for a casual […]

Best of 2015: Portraits

Hello hello! This week I’m showcasing some of my favourite portraits from 2015! I love looking back on the year and seeing all the smiley faces that I got to work with! There’s no real theme to the pictures, and they range from maternity, to engagements, to families, to cake smashes, and more. So sit back, relax, and enjoy some pics. This is a picture of Baby Abby being weighed by her parentsWho can resist those baby blues? All giggles […]

William’s Baby Session

Hello! Everyone must be very busy with the holidays coming up! We’re travelling back to Ontario for a week and I know it’ll go by in a blink of an eye. Before we head out, I wanted to share some adorable pictures of Baby William. I’ve been so fortunate to work with the family for 2 weddings now, and I’m so happy to have been asked to get a couple of pictures of the next generation. For this session, we met […]

Summer Maternity Shoot

Who doesn’t love a good maternity session–especially one followed by a baby photo shoot a couple of months later?!? I met this lovely family at their home just outside of Toronto this past June and am finally sharing some of the gorgeous photos from their first session. We took advantage of their beautiful living room and it’s natural light and then ventured outside to have some fun in the sun. Stay tuned for the baby photos!!  Her son couldn’t wait […]

Un Beau Mariage Français

I am so happy to share some beautiful pictures from a dream wedding in France. Our dear friends Laure and Julien (and their très mignon daughter, Manon) got married in July and I was honoured to be a part of their day in such an important way. I’ll let the pictures do the talking, and fill you in on some details in the captions!  The beautiful flowers that were all done by a family member. The peonies were so gorgeous! […]

Baby Anaya

This was a lovely baby session from a couple of months ago. Baby Anaya was a tad fussy, but she was still a super star! We were able to get creative with some lighting and props to have a fun session right at home! Check out these gorgeous pictures welcoming her into a beautiful family! I love these pics of dad!But of course these serious moments don’t last long, time for some fun! Mom, Dad, and baby make 3 As […]

Fun Family Studio Session

I wanted to continue with a family theme after celebrating Mother’s day last weekend. A while ago, I was lucky to get a message from one of my first clients for an updated family portrait (you might remember an adorable 6-month old dressed up as a lion?)! We met -up while there was still a bit of snow on the ground, so we opted for a casual indoor session in my little studio. I think this is a great example of […]

Wedding Planning: The Family Portraits

Hello! While it’s fun posting pictures from various photo sessions and throwing out some tips and tricks of the trade, I feel like it would also be great to share some insight about working with a wedding photographer. There’s lots of information out there from experienced brides and wedding bloggers, but there’s really not a lot from the photographers themselves. Let’s change that by increasing the dialogue between photographers and clients! Wedding Planning I: Family Portraits You know that time after the ceremony […]

Baby Abby

With spring around the corner and wedding season coming up, things are pretty busy here in photography land! Is everyone else getting busy with spring cleaning and summer plans? Let’s all take a break and enjoy some pretty pictures of Baby Abby’s newborn session. She was such a sweetie pie and we had a wonderful time taking some great pictures! Home made blankies are the best! some snuggles in between set-ups! After snuggles, Abby got very sleepy and slept for the […]

Anuja’s Maternity Session

This is the first maternity session I have had the pleasure of sharing on my blog! yay! This was a great maternity session (baby to follow!) with a super fun couple, Anuja and David. We met in January on one of those odd days that had snow in the morning, but was melted by lunch. We all agreed to stay indoors and we kept finding more and more fun places to use as backdrops right inside their beautiful new home! Once their new […]